Thursday, February 17, 2011

some of my "to do" list

camille's red, aqua, and green colorway is so fresh and pleasant. i'm going to change the use of fabrics a bit by removing some of the larger graphic prints and i've selected a blue as the border. i think. i'm not sure about all that applique. i might have less of the flower squares and more something else. the bottom pink floral fabric is my backing.

this one looked straightforward until i realized there was twill tape sashing. sounds challenging. wonderful pattern, why not stick with the fabrics they already chose? couldn't get the exact orange floral for the border, so i'm substituting the circular print. green dot print is my binding; grey floral the backing. i'm falling for grey lately. it was one of those colors on my "absolutely not" list for ages. now it and orange are worming their way into my heart and projects.

my 12-year old daughter has her eye on this quilt. i'd like to make one for each of them and the central park collection suits her. it even has a few animal prints as a nod to the cp zoo, i'm sure. perfect for my animal loving miss. the colorway is a stretch for me because of the purple. it's still on my "i'd rather not" list. however, i can stand it in small bits and this isn't for me. this pattern also has a lot of applique but i can't resist the pennant bunting. i haven't made any for my home yet as much as i'd like to. maybe this will hold me over. because, of course, i will have this quilt whipped up in no time flat. check back next week, right?

there are a few more projects i have in the que, but they're stored away on the shelf and i'm too tired to pull them out for a snap. another post, another day.

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