Wednesday, February 16, 2011

at last

since my first quilt class last november, i've acquired the makings of at least 12 more quilts. i've been itching to dive into them, but have resisted on the grounds that the first quilt was not fully complete. that just makes sense, does it not? don't start something new until you've finished what you're working on. but i'm having a real problem. the reason it's not 100% complete is that i don't like the last bit of decoration that is supposed to go on the top. it's bound and fully usable now, but i can't get the embellishments to look right. i've purchased and tried no less than five colors of ricrac (5 yards each) and none appeal to me. it seems slightly undone the way it is, but when i lay out the ricrac and flower appliques, it gets very "ewhhhh" looking to me. it goes from "nice and almost done" to "too sugar sweet and grandma" for me. i'm throwing my hands up and moving on for now. hopefully i will get some inspiration along the way and come up with something i can be happy with.

quilt is "liliana" by crazy old ladies
once the flowers and ricrac are in place, i want to stipple quilt the pink border area.

this piece is called "at last" because (a) i finally bit the bullet and took a quilting class, which i've wanted to do for years; (b) it's for my baby - you know, "and the last shall be first"; (c) when i get my inspiration and finish it, i'm sure i'll be hollering "at last!"

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