my crew

my people have grown and changed so much since this site began. the above photo was from our family photo shoot in 2012 when this site was already two years old.

this photo was taken christmas 2017, already a few years ago. but it looks a lot closer to who they are today than the first photo above.

here's the update as of april 2021.

daughter #1, twenty-two

just celebrated her first wedding anniversary and is about to graduate college with a degree in creative writing. before she got so grown up, she would often help me baste quilts or take photos. she completed her own quilt all the way up to the binding. her interest in my quilting has grown and i'm confident she will be a maker in her own right when she's ready for it. especially once she gives me grandbabies.

son #1, twenty
a college senior in biochemical engineering at our state's university (where his father and i graduated), living with friends close to campus. he sometimes eats at home, but is mostly on campus studying or socializing. he still has strong opinions about creative endeavors and will consult with me when i ask. if he's around. he recently brushed up on his sewing machine skills when he decided to alter some pants himself for 70's night at the skate rink. he took them in and flared the hem all on his own with the help of youtube and some thoughts from his mom. if he had the time, he'd create more clothing on his own.

daughter #2, eighteen
college junior, living out of state. she's a technical writing major with a graphic design minor. she texts me about food and cooking all the time. she hasn't made an apron or sewn anything in a while, but her creativity is constantly on tap. i have a fat quarter stack of rifle paper company's alice line set aside for her to make a quilt with when she's ready. she says she might make a trip home this summer to do that.

son #2, seventeen
driving, of course. tallest person in the family now. working hard at his studies and on act prep.

daughter #3, fourteen
made her own christmas quilt, beginning when she was 10. still handbinding. identifies as a "slow quilter," saying she'll maybe make one every year or so. she really wants to start on her next one, planned to be blue and green for a dear friend and former teacher, but i'm holding her to that binding first.

daughter #4, thirteen
has mostly completed a six-and-one-half-dozen quilt and a four square quilt for two friends' babies. she likes to buy fabric and look at patterns, but her sewing motivation wanes quickly. we are going to get these babies bound and then make a quilt from the fabric we purchased on her 8th birthday. obviously, another slow quilter. we're in no hurry around here.

daughter #5, nine
has grown up on the quilting room floor and is my most constant companion in sewing. she helps me snip all the chain piecing and stray threads, runs the foot pedal sometimes, and keeps me company at the machine. she got her own machine for christmas 2018 and is figuring that out. no scrap is safe in her presence, so i have to hide all the good ones. march of this year she made her first patchwork quilt.

best friend of 29 years, husband of 26

the mr is CFO of my quilting adventures and partner in life. he makes the money, i make the quilts. and sometimes dinner. together we homeschool our crew of seven wonders, who are rapidly emptying out of the nest.

we live in a sunny urban desert of the american southwest.


a kind word is always appreciated. thank you for your visit.