Monday, February 28, 2011

4sq blanket no. 1

my first personal attempt at a 4 square blanket was for my niece, liberty. with her adorable name, i knew she'd probably be getting her fair share of red, white, and blue items over her lifetime, so i chose these bold & sassy riley blake fabrics i had in my stash. i didn't know a thing about squaring fabrics or seam allowances or any of that stuff. i didn't even have a pattern. i just gave it my best guess and everything worked out well.

the orange flannel i got for the back was not an exact match, but it was close enough. i chose pink floss for the blanket stitch. i have to laugh at my stitching in spots - i didn't exactly get the size of the stitches consistent. but that's okay.

all wrapped and ready to gift. i like to roll the blanket up in a way that all four fabrics are showing.

when my kids saw the blanket, they said, "that's not a liberty blanket. it's not the right colors!" fortunately, my s-i-l disagreed and loves the blanket. her orange loving best friend is totally jealous, too.

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