Friday, February 18, 2011

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sign on as a follower, then leave me a comment. simple! first 15 get something sweet.

*** first 5 followers are in! there are still headbands to give away for the next 10 followers.


  1. Oh my goodness I just got a glimpse of your fabric stash on your shelf and I told AJ that I am moving into your house.. specifically that room! I call that heaven! I am so jealous :) Love the new blog and look forward to seeing all the fun things you make. I am in the middle of making a duvet for Kylee's bed, and a new diaper bag. I'll post pics on facebook when I finally get them finished.

  2. my dear friend, when DO you find the time!? You simply amaze me. You turn all you touch into gold. I'm glad to call you friend! xox .mel

  3. I'm excited to see all your projects come to life! :)

  4. yes im a follower!!


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