Wednesday, February 16, 2011

let it begin

my sewing obsession, and yes, i can admit it is officially an obsession, has gotten too big for my personal blog so i'm giving it it's own home here. i know it's an obsession because two nights ago i stayed up til 3am looking at fabric sites and quilting blogs; for the last 4 months i've spent every penny of my personal pocket money on fabric; i fall asleep thinking about sewing and wake-up thinking about it, too. in a few short months my stash and supplies have grown large enough to fill an entire 7' x 3', 5 shelf  bookcase completely full. definitely an obsession.

late last night, when i should have been sleeping, i made the decision to start a separate blog for my sewing journey as a place where i can keep all my sewing related links. a large portion of those precious 40 winks were given over to musings on a suitable name. i tried on a few, but none seemed right. however, when i set up the blog tonight and put in my stand-by name until the perfect one could be found, i decided i liked it a lot more than i originally thought. so "splish splash stash" it is. i've even made a page to explain the why.

now on with the show.

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