Wednesday, February 16, 2011

out on a limb, part 1

i'm ready to begin my second quilt. the plan was to do my first pattern, "liliana" by crazy old ladies, again but in new fabrics, but this set of fabrics and my plans for it are just calling out to me. i'm helpless to resist. the even crazier part is i'm making up my own pattern! on my second quilt! yikes. i've been wanting to do a strip-style quilt with a jelly roll. looks like it's time. i've had this jelly roll, the backing and binding material for weeks now.

a few nights ago while the little girls were bathing (of course) i sketched out and then did all the math for an idea i had for these fabrics. on monday i went to the store to get a few more bits of fabric i decided i'd need. then i tried to make myself finish that dang "at last" quilt but i just couldn't. so yesterday i stopped messing around and broke the roll open. it's time to begin.

during "splish, splash, and stash" time i laid them out, making selections for the quilt parts, began cutting them in half. here goes nothing.

i'm calling it "out on a limb" because (a) it's an owl themed fabric with trees in it; (b) i'm taking the risk of making up my own design on my second-ever quilt; (c) there's going to be a strip across the the width, counter to the vertical strips, which could be thought to resemble a limb. seems appropriate.

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