Friday, February 12, 2016

gypsy wife quilt - block chart

i have no new blocks to share just yet, so i am sharing a copy of megan's beautiful work as she assembles section 1 of the gypsy wife quilt. by the way, she has written a brilliant tutorial on assembling the block sections with partial seams. it's got me thinking they aren't so bad after all!

now, just because i finished it and also because there are busy friends out there who are working ahead of the quilt along schedule, i'm sharing the spreadsheet i made for the blocks, broken down by section and month of the quilt along. there is no pressure to work ahead! everyone should feel like they can work at their own pace, whatever that is.

click images to enlarge

again, why do they come out different sizes?!

you can download a pdf copy of the block chart here.

or, if you are viewing it on your cell phone, you can click on the chart to enlarge the image, and then take a screen shot, which you can then zoom in on. it might be handier for some people to have a copy on their phone.

if you are confused about the "block id" column, that was for personal use. when i was working my way thru the book the first time around, i found it helpful to give each block an id tag, which i marked in the instructions and in the assembly charts for cross-referencing purposes. you can just ignore it.

i've seen several section 1's already assembled on instagram at the hashtag #GypsyWifeQuiltSection1 (and even some section 2's!) it's pretty exciting to see so many of them coming together. now that my sewing room renovations are complete, as of yesterday, i can assembly my own section 1 this weekend. we can do this, friends!

as always, you can follow along with everyone over on instagram at #GypsyWifeQuiltAlong2016.


  1. Ooh I just love this quil tand even have the pattern--BUT when I piece a lot of little parts into a block it NEVER comes out right!! I have a 1/4" foot your fabrics....
    anyhoo--great idea to make a chart....hugs, Julierose (ENVY!!;-000)

    1. Hi Julierose! I feel your pain...My first attempt had blocks too small or too big. But this time around everything is working out just right. Other than taking a bit more time and care with measuring I have am also ironing and starching the fabric before cutting. After sewing the seams Im also ironing instead of finger pressing. I'm sure this is helping the accuracy. AND Hydeeann's information is invaluable. Don't give up its such a beautiful fun quilt

  2. Thank you!!! I know what I'll be doing this weekend :) :)

  3. I had started Gypsy Wife before the holidays. And became confused when it came to lower sections. Thank you for the help. If I had instagram I'd send a picture!

  4. Thank you. This makes making this quilt so much easier!


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