Wednesday, January 30, 2013

about me 2013

hi, there!
i'm hydeeann.
i'm a mom.

i am learning how to sew.

i sew sporadically, whenever i can.
sometimes i binge, sometimes i starve.

i mainly quilt right now,

but i adore softies, itch to embroider, have knocked off a few aprons, and would really like to make clothing, too.
i find handwork therapeutic and relaxing.
i use patterns and instructions, but i also create my own simple designs.

i encourage my kids to make stuff.

the boys as well as the girls.
mostly i supply them with time, materials, and inspirational publications.
i try to assist them but not interfere too much.
this is hard because they can like ugly stuff or make lots of mistakes.

i got over myself and gave up perfectionism.

i think wonky is nice.
imperfections = handmade charm.
at the same time, i do try to improve my accuracy without making it the focus.
any time i do get perfect points or aligned seams, i rejoice.
i just don't stress about getting there.
practice really does improve accuracy the more i make.

i believe in trying new things.
don't be afraid to give it a go.
you'll surprise yourself.

a first time quilt (anything) won't look like an experienced quilter (whatever) made it,
but it isn't supposed to.
even if you are an adult.
you'll like it anyway.

i make mistakes constantly.
it is okay. (thanks ali edwards)
these are just learning opportunities that teach me a lot.

i am not a sewing or quilting purist.

i say use what techniques work best for you,
not just what you've been told is correct by the experts.
none of them agree with each other anyway.
forget the sewing police - they don't live with you.
there are lots of ways to do most anything, especially sewing.

other confessions:

i buy way too much fabric.
and i gush about it sometimes. sorry.
i generally don't have the time or patience for repurposing and feel guilty for that.
i am addicted to books, crafting volumes in particular.
i have project ADD, keeping several going at one time no matter what i tell myself i will do otherwise.
i only type capitols when absolutely necessary, preferring italics.
i am beholden to no blog audience (don't really have one) so i blog for myself, when i can.
it makes me feel cool.

now you know something about me.
here's a whole lot more about the origins of this blog and how i set my feet on the path of my sewing journey:

why "splish splash stash" for a sewing blog?

because i sew in my bawthroom while my little girls bathe. they splish and splash while i play with my stash.

and why, you may ask, do you sew in your bawthroom?

because it's a ridiculously large bawthroom with lots of wasted space, i say. there was an empty corner, which was designated "workout space" on the house plans, that was meant for an exercise machine but our stairmill is in the garage. when i decided to take up needle & thread and dust off my machine i began sewing at the kitchen table "temporarily." after that "temporary" quilting production center was covered to the spilling over point and we had to have family dinners at the counter for two months straight, i looked around my house for a sewing spot. my sweet but tiny personal haven of a scrapbook studio could not accommodate a sewing machine and rapidly growing stash. my eye fell on the "workout corner" of the bathroom. husband generously gave me a large bookcase for christmas; i set up a folding table for my machine and cutting mat; the ironing board is tucked in next to the bookcase. voila! my sewing spot.

you further inquire, why do you sew while they bathe?

i'm a homeschooling mommy of six seven. (i had a baby since this mess started.) i'm supposed to run the household, clothe and feed my minions, educate them, and keep up a happy relationship with the mr., among many, many other bits of chauffering and minutia and a few other hobbies. about the only time i can squeeze in to sew is when i'm already in the bawthroom watching the babies bathe. kapeesh?

why, you must know, do i say bawthroom?

because, i reply, eloise does. and we love, love, love eloise around here.  besides, it sounds more eloquent than sewing in my bathroom, n'est pas?

what, you query, is your sewing experience?

the short story:
i've owned a sewing machine since age 17, but have only used it on a few hand puppets in a college class and on my paper scrapbook pages in the last 10 years. for whatever mysterious reason, in the past two years i have had a huge urge to sew, by hand and with my neglected machine. it had something to do with my favorite scrapbook store starting to carry designer fabrics, finding several enticing books with beautiful projects, and probably just the renewed handcrafting movement period. i began buying fabric and i just started doing it, getting the kids involved with me. last november i took a beginner's quilting class and have never looked back, only forward. now every spare penny i can call my own is devoted to making cute stuff: quilts, four-square baby blankets, headbands, softies, kids' christmas gifts. whatever. i'm interested in embroidery and doing clothing as well, but haven't done more than buy about two dozen idea books. quilts are my focus for the moment.

that wasn't very short, but it's shorter than the long story,which you can read in this post here.

if we have something in common or you just want to say hi, please leave me a comment.
i'd love to hear from you.
happy sewing, y'all.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

new reader's guide

splish, splash, stash was started in february 2011 when my sewing projects were beginning to take over my private family blog, which was supposed to be telling the story of our family, not just my quilting. i decided to give sewing it's own space in a public blog where i could connect with other sewers online. and here we are.

this blog is where i catalogue my sewing projects, record my works in progress (wip's), share some tutorials and patterns i've created, talk about crafting with my kids, expose my mistakes/learning opportunities (home ec moments, i call them), and let you in on my related product and internet finds.

in addition to posts, i've got pages, which you can access by the tabs at the top of the blog, that feature information about this blog, my kids/crew, my sewing spot, products i use, crafting books in my personal library, and tutorials or patterns i've created, as well as pages that feature sewing projects i've completed such as the super-easy 4 square baby blankets, quilts, and aprons.

i write this blog for myself because i really enjoy recording my sewing journey. also, i think it just might be interesting to my posterity some day to know about this side of the lady they know as mom/grandma/etc and the story behind the items i've made for them.

you're welcome to read, too. some posts you might enjoy are soho, purl and makie; gettin' craftsy and some discount links; 3 ways to use heartstrings;  quilting vs. scrapbooking; wip wednesday and 100 days with ann; sew on the go, and mommies multitask

happy sewing, y'all!