Tuesday, February 22, 2011

always learning

my initial cuts are done and i've been able to squeeze in some time to piece together "out on a limb" last night and today. i've remembered/relearned a few things in the process:

1. always check the bobbin thread before beginning to sew because it's really annoying when it runs out unexpectedly in the middle of a seam.

2. it doesn't pay to skimp on thread when you cut off a piece after sewing. if i don't leave the tails long enough, the thread invariably jumps out of my grasp when i begin sewing again and i end up rethreading the machine. waste of time. thread is inexpensive. my time is not.

3. clip excess threads and press seams as you go. i prefer this method to doing it all at the end and risking forgetting later on.

4. i dislike cutting. i really stink at it actually. can't seem to get my cuts squared and straight for the life of me. i'm beginning to suspect my rulers. surely i can't be that inept at lining up edges and running a rotary cutter down the side! thank goodness for precuts they make the whole process remarkably easier. totally worth the few extra dollars you pay.

5. slow and steady wins the race. or makes for straight seams. if i sew at an even, slow pace rather than racing through my stitching, it's much neater and more accurate. my darling machine tends to pull to the left and going fast gives me very little control. once again, an ounce of prevention saves a pound of cure, or seam ripping and resewing.

6. there's nearly as much pressing involved in quilting as there is cutting and sewing. every seam must be pressed. having a craft iron that doesn't shut off after intervals of unuse is wonderful, but requires extra caution with little ones about.

just a few things to remember when working at the machine.

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  1. so FRUSTRATING! when I have to rethread my machine. surely it isn't user error =)


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