Thursday, February 24, 2011

sew on the go

yesterday i worked on this:

while watching this:

that's my oldest daughter's riding lesson, in case you weren't sure. i love this hour of the week where she rides and i sit in the shade of the stable, smelling fresh country & horsey smells, reading or sewing. it's nice for both of us.

children's many after school activities are a perfect time to squeeze in some sewing, particularly hand sewing, which i truly enjoy.

to be a good boy scout mommy, i come prepared with this:
this is the tin my sewing shears came in. i've packed it with a few essentials for handsewing: my tiny snips, a variety of needles, some marking tools, and thread or floss that goes with the projects i'm working on.

at home, under my sewing table, lies a basket with the tin and the projects that i can grab to go when i'm going to have the opportunity to sew as i wait.

right now it holds a small quilt i'm handquilting for my 4 yr old (pink dots), the flower appliques for "at last" quilt that need backstitching, and a doll blanket my son made for his sister (with me) that needs the seam finished off by hand. anne's 4 sq blanket belongs in here, too. see, lots of nice projects to grab when there's going to be a moment available.

now all i need is a bag to carry it all in. currently i use a shopping bag from the quilt store, which is completely functional and a good way to reuse the bags. but i'm a sewer, dang it. i should sew something cute to carry my stuff. i'll add it to the growing list.

by-the-way, whilst i was sewing and horsey watching yesterday, i also snapped photos for a blanket stitch tutorial, requested by commenter "RandM" last week. it'll be up today or tomorrow, barring any unforeseen relapses of baby illness.

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