Friday, February 18, 2011

more "to do"

straightening the bawthroom this morning and decided to photograph the other projects waiting patiently on my shelf. too bad the light was low this morning. or that i didn't bump up my settings to allow more light. you'll get the general idea anyway. touching the fabrics and looking over their wonderful colors and designs, not to mention the darling quilt patterns, got me excited about each one of them all over again.  if only i could suspend time and freeze the rest of my life until they were done. bet that's a common hobbyist's wish. or maybe, more realistically, i could send my family away for a month? (see, i knew i was obsessed.)

the very first quilt in camille rosskelley's simplify book: square one. the pieced, raw-edge binding of this quilt is especially charming. when i saw it, i immediately ordered a honeybun (sort of junior jellyroll at 1.5" wide strips). i went honeybun hunting at the quilted castle. i was already using whimsy for another project, but it was the best honeybun they had, so i got it. the red milk dot print is for my backing.

whimsy, by fig tree quilts for moda, is already slated for a fig tree design: jelly & jam. joanna's palette and patterns are cheery and cozy, with a sun-faded, old-fashioned appeal to them. this pattern was one of the first i bought before i'd ever quilted anything. it's a bit advanced for me right now, but i'm determined to get to it. the quilt will look like the pattern image, with the sprigged flower fabric on the back.

this stack of antique french looking stuff has no designs on it yet. but it was 40% off after christmas. not passing that up! actually, i do have a design from a modern quilt book that might work with it. antique french and modern design? sure, why not.

this pile of fun was supposed to be my second quilt, done in the same pattern as my first quilt, "at last". a mix of modern meadow by joel dewberry for westminster and nest by valorie wells for freespirit    fabrics. i love this collection of fabric. it's something i would have totally hated just a few years ago when i didn't like these colors and turned my nose up at mod designs. the backing fabric, the crazy floral tan print on the bottom, is an absolute favorite of mine. i've bought yardage of it at least 3 separate times now. i'm thinking definitely a bag out of it, too. as soon as i pulled these fabrics out, my infatuation with them was reborn and i thought "why on earth am i not cutting in to this instantly?!" the only explanation i can give myself is that i couldn't resist the urge to work with a jellyroll any longer.

this darling may be my absolute favorite "to do" of all. the green floral is my backing, the green stripe is the inner border, the pink floral is border also, and the white floral is my binding. dream on by urban chicks for moda is dreamy in a very 1970's bed sheets kind of way. i actually have a vintage bed sheet accidentally adopted from my m-i-l that looks very similar to this collection, minus the pink. it's another look i would have cringed at until recently because it was too close to the roots of my childhood. and anything that was cool in my childhood was as ugly and uncool as it could get for me. i always thought the 60's and 70's were the ultimate in bad design taste. until now. suddenly, i love it. maybe it makes me feel young again or at least nostalgic. whatever, just don't sign me up for macrame.

there you have it. enough quilting to keep me busy for who knows how long. a life time at the rate i've been able to touch it lately. must find time, must find time! but i vow to not rearrange my priorities to do. maybe this will get me to organize myself and my household enough so that i can do all of these projects. i fritter time away on a regular basis. if i'd just pay more attention to not wasting moments, bet i can get some quilting done. once the essentials are accomplished, of course.

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  1. 3rd pic down on this post. Top 4 fabrics and the bottom fabric. Love, love, love those colors together! When I eventually get my own office/craft room, those are the colors I dream of decorating in!


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