Friday, July 3, 2020

twin-ish finishes

The last two Stella Grande quilts for my children have been officially completed. Why it took soooo long to finish them up is a mystery to me  I love handbinding! It should be easy for me to fit it in even my busy life. Regardless of all that, √Čtoile de Patisserie and Neapolitan Sundae in Pewter, the two dessert theme named quilts, ces fini.

Baby Girl D5 has her gentle, soothing color palette quilt to snuggle. The sweet, pretty colors in this one make me smile softly whenever I see it.

D2 has her bright and cheery star for lounging with. The candy colors in this one evoke more of a happy grin from me.

At some point I’ll have to fully photograph and post about each. For now, I’m just so happy to have them done and handed over to the girls.