Monday, February 21, 2011

attn: followers

to all my new followers, thank you! i sure hope you find this worthwhile browsing on occasion. you all have a treat coming from me, but i need some info first. leave me a comment with your favorite fabric designer, your current favorite line, or at least tell me which of the fabrics i've featured so far you like so i have an idea what to send you. i'm not making any promises, but i'll try to match you up with something along those lines.

***edited to note: first 5 followers are shannon, jen, bran, amy s., and mel.
"jen" and martha, please email me your contact information so i can mail your surprise when it's completed.
thanks again, ladies. i'm excited to make new friends here and share my adventures with you. i'd love this to be interactive, so please feel free to comment all you want and i'll respond as best i can directly in the comments section of the posts.

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  1. Oh A friend told me about you and I will be a follower - you have some great things and ideas!! So cute! I personally love paisley print :) THX


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