Tuesday, September 20, 2016

on the mend and a sewing corner by monet

 we are mending.

life as we knew it is coming back together in so many ways, with the added benefits of newfound perspectives and gratitudes. thank you all for your comments, concerns, thoughts, well wishes, and prayers. they have been noted and felt. you all have been in my heart and at the back of my mind thru all of this. after three weeks in hospital and rehab, countless dr visits and daily hours in physical therapy, and even a few healing vacations, my husband is miraculously nearly back to normal.

but that doesn't mean i'm sewing yet!

however, summer is not traditionally sewing season for me anyway. it's usually family time and travel. but i always keep my eyes open for sewing related sights, no matter where we go. this year we ventured abroad for the first time, taking our oldest daughter on her "senior trip" for two fairytale weeks in france.

ever since we studied the impressionists, my favorite artists, in a homeschool unit when my oldest children were mid-elementary age, d1 has dreamed of visiting monet's garden in giverny. i never thought this was a real possibility for us, but somehow it happened.

and while we were touring the house, i came upon the most charming surprise - a sewing nook. you'll have to excuse the photo quality since i was working in a very cramped space with poor lighting in the hallway and a constant flow of tourists. i hope you get the general idea despite all the imperfections.

 at the more domestic end of the house, upstairs from the kitchen, just off the stairwell and short hallway, was a blue door with windowpanes, which looked in on a tiny alcove.

 opposite the door was a pair of windows overlooking the gardens below. there was a small space to each side of the door and windows. just enough room for a seat and sewing machine.

 there was a pedal sewing machine to the left.

 and a blue wicker-seated chair on the right.

 some exquisite white garments, probably infant clothing, and linens were on the seat to the right.

 so much glorious daylight was flowing in thru those windows, and the view was unbeatable. it was quite a small space - no room for a stash or design wall or storage of most any kind. yet it was perfect. i could imagine sitting there for hours, stitching away by hand or machine, looking out over the gardens. what a peaceful, contented experience that would be.

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in the meanwhile, my own sewing space is hiding behind its own blue (windowless) doors, waiting for my return. i've worked a bit on a project for a sick relative in need (more later) and my son's quilt is crying out for completion. but when is the question. i've been so disconnected from sewing and the community, which i've missed. there are decisions to be made about my gypsy wife project, which megan has gamely carried on without me. i have no answers, friends.

one thing i've learned thru all of this is that as entrenched as i was in the online community, as much as sewing and my sewing friends meant to me, it really could all be let go when real life called. not that the people here aren't real and really lovely. not that i didn't (don't) value the hobby and connection. but there are times when we must step away and first things, first priorities in life, become our only things. our only priorities.

we are mending. we are well.

i will see you when i see you.
happy sewing to the rest of you in the meantime!