Monday, February 28, 2011

5th 4sq completed

no. 5 was my first blanket made for a non-family member. i think it's my favorite so far. i adore those meadowsweet 2 fabrics by sandi henderson that i used. looking at them while doing the handstitching on the edges was such a pleasure. in a way, i'm a bit sad to pass it on. it makes me think i better stock up on some more meadowsweet.

i forgot to turn the corner so you can see the back. i used a soft yellow that may or may not have been in the fabrics' palette, but it coordinated well. i wanted to use the dark celery color in the prints to edge the blanket, but couldn't find a perfect match in floss. so i settled for another dark khaki kind of green that complimented the print.

a better look at it laid out flat. i'm still working on how to best display these for photos. and working on my product-type shots period. people i'm comfortable with. my stuff photography needs work.

a close up of the dreamy meadowsweet 2 prints and colors. very nice! and my seam matching is pretty dang good, too. if i do say so myself.

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