Saturday, October 7, 2017

4 square baby blanket gallery

 this 4 square baby blanket, composed of 4 fat quarters and edged with a blanket stitch, which was inspired by a gift i received for my 3rd child, was my go-to baby gift for a few years. originally, i made this as a blanket with no batting in between the top and backing. however, i now prefer to make it as a quilt. click on the blanket number for a related post and more photos.

no. 18, completed june 2013
for my nephew dillon

no. 17, completed oct 2012
for carter, my college sorority president jen's little boy

no. 16, completed oct 2012
for my friend becca's baby boy

no. 14, for my daughter #5,
completed may & oct 2012

no. 13, completed april 2012
for my niece laynee

no. 12
for my niece hailey, completed april 2012

no. 11
for my nephew, ollie, completed march 2012

no. 10, for grace's daughter charlotte,
completed march 2012

no. 9
for becca's baby may, completed oct 2011

no. 8
for nikki d's son preston - completed october 2011
no. 7, for heather l's daughter isabella
completed sept 2011

no. 6, for my friend heidi's baby girl
completed march 2011

no. 5, for my friend anne's baby claire
completed february 2011

no. 4, for my niece evee
completed january 2011

no. 3, for my nephew drextyn
completed january 2011

no. 2, for my cousin michelle's baby emma
completed september 2010

no. 1, for my niece liberty
completed september 2010