Monday, February 28, 2011

assistants for blog updates

tonight while trying to post and work on parts of this blog, i have not just one, but two visitors sharing the chair with me. mommy first, blogger and sewer second. i find it amusing to take some self timer photos of the situation. it captures the chaos of the moment pretty well, i think.

one already behind me
inviting the other onlooker in

now i have one in my lap to type around

the more the merrier? not getting much accomplished on the blog front, but it's fun trying. i'm adding a glossary of sewing terms page, rearranging the 4 sq blanket page, and working on the next part of the tutorial. all with lots of help from these ladies!


  1. glad you have the 'more the merrier' attitude! when i get interrupted, i get short-tempered and mean!

  2. amy, i'm trying to cultivate that attitude. it doesn't always work or last.


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