Wednesday, March 30, 2011

WIP wednesday

wow, i just used capitals on this blog. must be something big! it's WIP wednesday. what? i'd seen the phrase myself around the crafty blogosphere and surmised, after viewing freshly pieced's post, that it it had something to do with ''work in progress" on wednesdays. finally googled it and i was right. musings from the fishbowl started the concept over two years ago. it's really just about posting what you're working on. i really liked the way freshly pieced provided a stats list for her week on her last WIP and decided to do the same.

so, how has my sewing week been? let's look.

projects completed "star cookie" quilt

quilts needing a finishing touch "at last," of course. still waiting on it's ruffle.

quilt tops in progress  "out on a limb" finished the piecing of all strips, just need to sew the 3 panels together and it's done! hoping today.

others in progress my follower surprise packages and headbands

projects on hold  a number of quilts, more than a dozen; a pin cushion from heather bailey's fresh picked pattern

trips to the store
one to joann's for some rotary blades, quilting needles, and a new softie book socks appeal (at the request of my 6yr old son)
one to my quilt shop to pick up two long-awaited arrivals, one much bigger than the other. a reveal coming later this week.

in the mail finally broke down and purchased some heather ross prints: far, far away ii (blue colorway) from a few etsy shops and from her collection at spoonflower. arrived yesterday. more on them later.

other cleaned up my sewing table, moved sewing books off fabric shelf to make room for new fabrics, added phone book to my sewing chair to raise me to a better height. i could really use a better chair. better add it to the list of things to save for.

what are you up to?

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  1. So, like I said before, you got me inspired, but... (dont you dislike the "buts") E jumped off the table and broke his arm, and seems to be taking out all his frustrations on his "gee gee" so it looks like ALL my sewing projects, including the half-way compiled "WIP" is going in the projects on hold. im determined to complete my little baby-legs ive already cut up tomorrow though!!! thanks again for the inspiration!!! :)


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