Wednesday, March 2, 2011

our obsessions

my husband has gone just about as crazy about this:

that's having our kids play soccer and coaching them

as i have gone about this:

which is quilting . . .

. . . and of course all things fabric and sewing.

i've just signed up for quilting 101 at scrapbooks, etc again for the month of april. four monday mornings, 10:30am to 1:30 pm, and you have a complete quilt. it's accessible to absolute beginners. louise is a wonderful teacher. anyone local want to join me?

as for soccer, my husband has just signed on (and this time agreed to coach) our oldest son for our fourth straight season in a row. he's killing me! we've done one child in soccer, one season a year for several years now. last fall began the craziness with three children in soccer. well, it was only for two months, so it was alright. then his brother talked him in to signing up two of the little ones for winter and he added the oldest two, also. one of them had to drop that season because of scheduling conflicts, so he told her she could play again with her old team in the spring. and, what the heck, so could her brother. winter and spring were in two different leagues, so they've overlapped for a few weeks. and now he just agreed to coach for league no. 2's spring season. did you follow all that? dizzy? imagine how i feel trying to keep up with practices and games. the mr. tells me he just loves watching our kids play and spending time with them as he coaches them.

fair enough. i'll just quilt & sew while he's busy on the soccer field. maybe sooner or later we'll both come to our senses.

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  1. You won't come to your senses for about 18 + years from now... but just think of all those quilts and fabric you'll experience!


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