Wednesday, March 2, 2011

4 sq blanket no. 2

my second 4sq blanket was for my cousin michelle's first baby, emma. michelle is 15 years younger than i am. i remember her well as a little 3 year old girl who gave up her bedroom so i could live with her family my freshman year of college. now she's a mommy. crazy how life does that, isn't it?

me, 3 of my seesters, and michelle at her baby shower. i come from a family of tall women, me the exception. (ugh about the lighting there that day! forgot my big flash and had to make do with the on-camera one. i love pretty lighting, but i also say "better a picture than no picture at all.")

i did a big no-no and took the blanket to the shower unfinished. i'd decided to go to the shower last minute and was only able to get it sewn together, not edged, though. michelle didn't mind, but i made a vow never to do that again. i got tons of compliments on the blanket anyway. some of my aunt's friends said how well i'd matched up the center seams and wasn't that hard to do? i had no idea what they were talking about. it was a total fluke i'd gotten the seams correct.

my aunt lynn was working on this cute crib quilt for her first granddaughter. she'd just gotten a long arm quilting machine. i think we're going to be spending more time together soon.

i finished up the blanket within the week and delivered it to michelle. i really love these fabrics. i better get some more to keep for myself.

soft baby pink flannel for the back, green floss for the blanket stitch. i still didn't know anything about squaring fabrics and i had some unevenness when i got to the closing seam of this blanket. but i was able to tuck it in and blanket stitch over it in a way that you can't really tell. it reminded me that if you make a mistake, just figure out a way around it. seems like you almost always can.

and as a sweet side note, the other day i was talking to michelle at a family party. when i asked about emma, her husband whipped out his cell phone to show me a current picture. there was a cute baby girl, grinning ear to ear, coincidentally wrapped up in the blanket i made for her. warmed my heart to see that.

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