Wednesday, March 16, 2011

finger puppets

a really simple and cute sewing project for the junior set is felt finger puppets. my 12 year old daughter made some for her little sister for this christmas just past. she got the basic idea and pattern from emma hardy's sewing for children (see left sidebar) and went with it all on her own. after the first one or two mostly copied from the book, she started making up her own designs. felt is easy to cut and doesn't fray, so it's wonderful for young sewers.

she added this bunny and carrot to the collection on her sister's birthday. i think she was in a bit of a hurry because her stitching on these pieces was not as careful or nice as the others. i'm still trying to work out how to encourage their creativity and let them know perfection isn't required, yet inspire them to do good, thorough, durable work. i want them to learn proper technique and take pride in work well done, but i also don't want them intimidated or stifled when they don't know how to "properly" do something. either way, their creations are charming and the three year old doesn't seem to mind its quirks at all.

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  1. So cute m! I need to make some for Gehrig for church. :)


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