Thursday, March 3, 2011

new sewing books

my book stash is far larger than my fabric stash since it's a much older obsession. beautifully photographed craft and sewing books with fantastic projects get me every time. i just got these in the mail:

wonderful! a taste of the modern quilting movement grounded in tradition. i'm definitely going to use it to help me pick out my fabrics for my upcoming quilt class. i've never really liked the snowball block before, but i did like elizabeth's. fabric selection makes such a difference in a quilt! see it here.

i've heard of these australian ladies and was interested in reading about their theory. some really wild quilting going on here! maybe not completely my style, but very interesting and lots i can adapt. i believe there is always something to learn from other crafters, even if your tastes and styles are hugely different. take what they can teach you and make it fit your own preferences. see them here and here.

seems like every designer and blog writer out there is publishing books these days. i've now ordered these tasty bites:

scheduled to ship late april, this is a pre-order. i ordered it here. you can read more about it on the author, jennifer paganelli's blog, sis boom
classic children's clothing. see it here. i saw some pictures of the project's inside on amazon. looks lovely! i'll let you know when it comes.

i've been waiting for this one from oliver + s! more classic kids' clothing and accessories patterns. so much to love. you can't click on it above (that came with the image i copied), see it here.

this one looks eclectic and funky. see it here. i checked out her blog and it's fun stuff.

this one looks like a really great one for kids, with lots of instruction to help them get started. i have one who loves to sew, but she needs help with technique. i love that she tackles sewing all on her own and often, but i would like to see her work on improved stitching for more durability and skills such as sewing on the wrong side and turning the project inside out. this looks like it's going to help! see it here. at b&n, you can look inside.

there are few simple things that delight me more than a box full of books in the mail!

a word about my ordering. i am a loyal barnes & noble customer. i've had fantastic service from them for several years running now. their selection is basically unlimited. on-line prices are really good and you get free shipping for orders over $25, which is just one or two of these books. returns are a snap - just take the book and your order form into your local store. i have never ordered from amazon before, but seems to me that all these books are priced well at b&n, except the sewn with love, which is only 10% off. girls' world was even slightly cheaper with them. just so you know!

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  1. oh those look like fabulous reads! I didn't know Tina Givens had a book out - I may just have to add that one to my collection. Have fun perusing!


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