Wednesday, March 30, 2011

help a girl out giveaway

designer vanessa christenson of v and co. is facing her husband's sudden job loss. in an effort to help out a bit and spread some goodness abroad, i'm offering one lucky gal any two of vanessa's fabulous patterns, your choice.  for a chance to win just leave me a comment telling me what you like about her or her work. i'll pick and post the winner next friday, april 8th.

personally, i've got my eye on her bag, the abbey tote:

and the just dandy quilt:

the patterns are pdf files, so the winner will tell me which they like and i'll have them emailed to you from vanessa. no waiting for me to sew and mail something. good luck!


  1. Hey what a great cause. V and company is great. She is so awesome too. I feel bad for all that's going on in her husband and community. I hope things get better quickly.

    V always has always been a fav of mine. I love how on trend she is wiht quilting, fashion and photography.

    Thanks for the chance.


  2. Okay Lindsey (my soon to be 14 year old) and I love the Abby Tote and the Flirty Skirt. You are amazing, and I don't know when you have time for all this. I totally need to get back into sewing though. In fact, I even got my machine fixed last week. So I have no excuses anymore!

  3. I love the Abby much so that I already purchased it. I also just purchased some fabric to go along with it!! So exciting.

    Vanessa is such a talented person. I hope things begin to look up for she and her family.

    morn12night (at) gmail (dot) com

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  5. the abbey tote and the favorite bag

    how thoughtful of you! my husband was without a job for over 3 months and just started back to work this last monday. i know how scary the days ahead can be for her but i also know that we have a God who can meet their needs just as He met ours!

    she is super talented! i've seen her featured on ucreate many times! i love the bunting quilt and i've been considering trying out the knit bracelets!

    thanks for the giveaway!

  6. That's very kind of you. I love all of Vanessa's creations. She is very talented. What I like is that she has simple and very stylish ideas. I love her quilts (though I never made any quilts) and her beautiful bags.

  7. So nice of you to help her out!!!

    I am with you on the Abby tote, but I am REALLY in love with the ruffled pillow! :)~ She has a very creative eye, and a very good friend in you!!! I look forward to following her!!! :)

  8. Vanessa has some really sweet patterns--not sure how I could narrow it down to 2. Thanks for the chance!

  9. Abby tote is cute and I love both the pillows- now I just need to remember to grab your old sewing machine in case I ever want to sew! So many cute things so little time. Great job on the blog Hydee!

  10. I also love the Abbey tote-and that baby houndstooth quilt is one that I've admired for months! Thanks for the chance!


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