Saturday, March 5, 2011

4sq blanket no. 6

just four days after completing no. 5 and one hour before the baby shower, i got heidi ryan's baby blanket finished. phew! that was some self-imposed pressure. even though i had dinner to get on before i left for the shower, i took a few moments to photograph the results. i tried shooting outside, but the light was getting low and i'm not too happy with the way the colors show.

i loved these fabrics! i thought they were all from the same robert kauffman collection, but there was some freespirit in there, too. really bad lighting, dang! they are such pretty cotton-candy pinks and dark chocolate browns. this time there was actually a coordinating flannel in the same collection the pink came from.

the only thing i'm a tiny bit worried about, which i didn't notice til i got them home and started sewing, but the flannel is not two-sided. the two-sided flannels cling to the cotton front and there's no need to tie or quilt the pieces together normally. i'm not sure how this will bear out. they seemed alright when handling the blanket. hope it works!

i tried a new styling set-up for shooting the blanket. which do you like better? if i hadn't been so pressed for time, i would have grabbed a nice inside dining chair rather than the crummy looking plastic adirondack on the patio (which looks decent from the front, but not good here.)

this blanket was a bit more wonky in parts than others, mostly because i was rushed making it. i think it was partly cursed since i was trying to shoot the process for the tutorial, too. you always make mistakes when you're trying to show someone else what to do. however, it looks well, if not perfect, overall and i got tons of compliments at the shower. the nice fabrics really carry it and hide the imperfections and handmade charm.

i read somewhere this week, maybe in material obsession?, that mistakes and imperfections personalize a project. nice thought, wonderful philosophy! i think i'll add it to my sewing mantras. scrapbooker ali edwards taught me "it is okay." and i've decided on my own "wonky is nice." all part of the fun, no?

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