Tuesday, March 22, 2011


hope everyone had a happy, lucky st. patty's day & weekend. we had a lovely breakfast out. did you wear your green? i did, completely by accident! i wasn't paying attention to the calendar at all, i just wanted to wear my flower ring and coordinating headband.  when i saw this picture from that morning of myself in a headband, it reminded me to tell y'all that i've got the fabric for my giveaway headbands and the other surprise gifts, and will be working on them soon. promise. thanks to all for being patient, even if it is free. one night recently, while falling asleep, i had a brainstorm of two new flower styles to try out. i never thought i'd ever be designing anything even as simple as a headband, but maybe i have it in me to branch out a bit on my own after all.

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  1. love the whole green ensemble thing you got going on! tres cute!


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