Monday, March 14, 2011

sunday hostess apron

i finished that apron pretty lickety split. i had it completed in the weekend i started it, as promised. it came from heather ross's  weekend sewing, after all, which is full of projects you can make in a weekend. i estimate it was done in about 3 hours from start to finish. that includes the time it took to unpick a seam when i accidentally sewed some of the middle portion of the skirt into the waistband (i felt so high school home ec at that point!) and the funny gaff i made of using a safety pin to pull the end of the tie inside out. that only works when you are pulling a tube inside out, not something sewn off at the end. if you try pulling the tie through with a safety pin, like i so brilliantly did, then you end up with a safety pin stuck on the inside of your tie's tip. oh, live and learn! it was a fun project none-the-less. and if you don't look too closely at my stitching, it's pretty darn cute.

the pattern was mostly easy to follow except for one part: it wasn't clear enough (for me) about what portions of the waistband and ties to sew together in the beginning. but that was easily remedied when i finally figured out what i was supposed to have done. the only thing i am considering redoing is the gathers on the skirt. i pulled the gathers and then had to set the project aside. they'd loosened up when i came back to sew the waistband on, so they do not appear as full and frilly as i'd have liked and as the pattern intended. but i hear my stylish seester, marcee, about snatched the apron when she was at my house last week, so apparently i'm not the only one who likes the outcome.

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