Friday, September 13, 2013

was supposed to be a finish

oh, i tried. honest i did. but i didn't make it happen. and the above mess is what results when i'm madly scrambling to complete something by a deadline: scraps flung about, cuttings here and there, tools all over the place. not only do i not have a completed quilt, i have a mess on my hands.

my seester loree's baby arrived on monday and i immediately began work on the quilt. however, there hasn't been much quilt time to snatch here this week. i was so hoping to have the quilt finished to present at the placement ceremony last night. i worked away at it all afternoon yesterday as i helped the littlest girls with their school work. d4, bless her, kept encouraging me and even suggested i didn't need to put anything in the middle, i could just take the top as a blanket, it would work just fine that way.

so i went to the placement ceremony empty handed last night. the really important stuff happened without my quilt there. all the papers were signed, the families met and shared in the joy of this baby being placed into our family by his loving and brave birthmother, dessert was enjoyed. all without a quilt in sight. no big deal.

i'd like to take the scraps from this quilt and make some sort of keepsake for jed's birthmother. i don't know what she'd do with a mini quilt, but it's all i've come up with. any other suggestions?


  1. That seems like a perfect, thoughtful gift. I couldnt imagine but she definitely is a brave women! Congrats on the new nephew!

  2. That is a gorgeous idea. A mini quilt or a pillow would be lovely. She is so brave.


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