Sunday, September 29, 2013

happy times

life is good. sometimes it's much easier to appreciate that than at others. right now, as the fall season starts here and the weather shifts, I easily perceive this. it's amazing to me the last few days just how much pleasant weather can lift the spirits. I walk outside and suddenly feel joy. the hottest days of the year are past and the months we relish here in the desert are starting - even a bit earlier than normal.

my 5 yr old, d4, has a phrase she uses: "happy times." in her prayers, she prays to be blessed with happy times. if you ask her how something went, she might answer "we had happy times." most people would say "good times," she says "happy times." it's a small difference, but distinct and unique to her. when I looked at what was going on around the house today, I thought, "these are happy times."

have a peek:

some daddy daughter time in the backyard on the swing after church, still in their nice clothes

odes to joy floating through the house

my favorite pin remover doing her quilting job

pumpkin pancakes and applewood-smoked bacon on for lunch

before all of this, we got to spend 3 hours at church with our family and friends, worshipping together, edifying one another.

very shortly we'll be going to my mother-in-law's house next door for an extended family dinner. i'll most likely take along my epp to get some basting done.

these are happy times.

I hope all of you had an equally blessed weekend!


  1. Precious photos! I love this post, reminding me to savor the great things in daily life:-)

  2. Gorgeous collection of family photos - love your pin remover, how precious.


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