Wednesday, September 11, 2013

quilt top for a rainy day

 who says rainy days aren't fun?! not me! rain in the desert is like manna from heaven. it's always a cause for celebration in our household. we let the kids pause whatever is going on to splish splash it up in the downpour.

while they were running wild in the wet street, i was working on cousin sara's baby girl quilt, my second go at an improv pieced frame quilt. coincidentally, this quilt features some darling retro gals sporting umbrellas and slickers while they daintily play in the rain. perfect!
i only have two more frames planned for it and then the top is complete. those cute umbrella girls were a perfect compliment to my rainy morning. the sun came out in the afternoon and that's welcome, too. i had to stop work on this top, though, because my seester loree texted all of us that baby jed was on his way! so i had to start his quilt. i hope to have it done by thursday to present to them at the placement ceremony.

oh, and since it's wednesday, my other wip for the week is i'm going to make the pencil case for the patchwork, please zakka along 2.0. i'm using scraps from the rainy quilt for my pencils. i don't think i'll get it done this week, what with needing to complete jed's quilt and all, but i'm getting it started.


  1. LOL...I just said yesterday if it would rain here I would go play in it and I am NOT in the desert. Sometimes you just have to enjoy the rain.

    Your quilt is super cute!

  2. Great quilt and I love the rainy day photo. I love splashing about in the rain (and we get plenty of rain here in the UK)

  3. I love rain! The quilt top is looking so cute, great colours!

  4. I remember those rainy days as much fun! Your quilt top is cute!


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