Thursday, September 12, 2013

seester time and some epp

my family had our annual girls weekend last week. it's a time when all three generations of females from my mom on down get together at my s-i-l's cabin for bonding over fun, food, chatter, religious devotionals, performances, hiking, crafting, and whatever else we can cram into one extended 4-day weekend together. it's awesome.

i brought along my new fabric picks for my epp project. i'm not sure if i like adding them in yet or not. still deciding. but i did work on basting them this last weekend. i cut one out already but figure any i don't use for this project i can use elsewhere, so no effort or fabric wasted.

now i'm going to introduce my seesters to you, those lovely ladies on my left sidebar. and there is some actual sewing in this post, a tiny bit at the end. promise!

our theme this year was "army", the motto "be all you can be." each year mom chooses a theme that everything is based on. and we always make t-shirts. it's fun to see everyone's different interpretations on the same basic tee. we went very simple this time with some basic vinyl cut on the silhouette by seester katee and ironed on the shirts.

 katee, the baby seester and a wicked-good hair stylist, also shared some new beauty techniques for the eyes. i am related to 4 very fashionable, well-manicured seesters. somehow i slipped in the group. they love me anyway. jodee, the photographer, was snapping shots of us after the make-over. and then my camera died - yikes! it's only the 2nd time ever that's happened. so i don't have a group shot, just individuals, to share. i wanted to include each seester, though, so you'll just have to scroll through all their beauty to get to the sewing.

 loree, seester #2, is closest to me in age, just 15 months younger. her new baby boy, jed, arrived on monday! so glad she got to spend the weekend with us first. (and i really should be working on the quilt right now!)

 oh, yes, here's my glamour shot. see, i do make up decently. i really ought to wear make-up more often, but the minutes they spend each day on their faces and hair, i spend sewing. and i have completed quilts to show after a while. fair trade, no?

 marcee is seester #3. this is her first time ever as a blonde and i still can't get over it. there was some sort of problem with her last hair coloring and she just went all out bleached. marcee doesn't sew, but with the help of her mother-in-law, who does quilt, she made two whole-cloth quilts for her family a few years ago.

jodee, #4, is the seester who resembles me the most. no, really! we do look alike. and she is the one i am the least like in every other way. except, i guess, she's a photographer and i like photography. she is in love with my "out on a limb" quilt, drooling over it whenever she comes over, but she has no interest in quilting. bummer.

that's my seesters. they are all creative and crafty in their own ways. we've even sewn on girls weekend before. this year we focused elsewhere than crafting. i did manage to get some epp shapes basted and one block sewn together.

i worked on this while we had our nightly adult devotionals. we talked about being content with our personal allotments and how obedience brings blessings.

next year i hope to have some sort of simple sewing project for all of us to do together - something to donate to a cause would be ideal. i'll have to keep my eyes peeled and my thinking cap on.

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  1. you and your seesters are all so beautiful, Hydee! What a blessing to have such a close knit group.

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  2. sounds like such a fun weekend - time and space to share together :-) And while I love your makeup I totally agree with you that it just takes far too much time to put on! I am lucky if I manage to get a bit of lipstick on each day!

  3. You guys are all so beautiful!

  4. I'm so glad you linked up to Needle and Thread Thursday! Your EPP is so fantastic!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  5. You sure are one talented and gorgeously beautiful family of sisters! How wonderful to have an annual tradition like this, such a great bonding time amongst your selves and generation to generation. You must have a pretty amazing mom too!


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