Wednesday, September 18, 2013

two babies on the way

 jed's quilt is missing two and a quarter frames on the top. almost there!

 elizabeth's top is complete, but the backing was giving me a headache and stalling the project.

 a new design feature i threw in on this baby is a few patches of the feature fabric mixed into the outer frames to stretch them a bit where needed. i like the peek-a-boo effect.

 now that backing! i knew i wanted to used the brown on the inner frame for my binding (bottom left). the only fabric from my original pull that had enough yardage left for a solid back was the other brown (on the bottom of everything). i didn't like idea of the two nearly identical browns on each other on the back but i didn't have anything else. piecing a back this small and getting it lined up made me nervous, too.

i thought i had found the perfect solution when i happened apon the dream on blue floral (bottom left), which had every color from the original feature fabric, except the brown. i was so excited to use this because it has a similar 70's vibe that i felt many of the prints from the top have. however, when i put it up against the top, it was way too bright. argh! a few days later, i let my eyes wander my stash again and i found the perfect match at the very bottom of my cia pile, where most of the other fabrics in the top came from. that apricot lattice print (bottom right) is a soft enough shade and the pattern blends well with the others, too. we have a winner!

other wips this week: patchwork, please!  pencil case and some epp  blocks going on. all the other stuff is on complete hold until these baby quilts are done and delivered.

it's wip wednesday at freshly pieced! link up, y'all.


  1. Look at all those pretty fabrics! They will be snugalicious babies :-)

  2. both so cute! I really love the way you put those little bits of the feature fabric in the borders, really sweet!

  3. Love this .....fabulous way to showcase fabrics. Stopping by from WIP. Thanks for sharing Marie (

  4. I'm loving the quilt tops. Beautiful work.

  5. funny how it sometimes takes a few days to find the perfect fabric match. Love that lattice print, and love the little pictures in the borders - great idea :-)

  6. The apricot is perfect, and great to find a fit from your own stash!

  7. Such pretty projects. This is a great way of using special prints, I love a novelty fabric so should give it a go :)


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