Wednesday, December 18, 2013

how not to shoot a flimsy

 along side of working with my youngest scholars, i got the top for "bandwidth" completed. the top being done, the flimsy needed to be documented and shared. but all i had to help me photograph it was two short children and a porch swing. this is apparently a very long top because even with the aid of the two short children (they are actually tall for their ages), and the porch swing, they couldn't get it fully off the ground.

also willing to help was one toddler . . .

 . . . and three curious dogs.

we used to have just one completely obnoxious pharaoh hound, but whilst away at disneyland with teenagers over the weekend, the babysitter let two stray chihuahua adolescents in the house. we've been unable to locate the owners yet and aren't heartless enough to boot them back out in the cold, as much as we'd like to . still hoping for a Christmas miracle for them and us.

even with the unwanted helpers out of the way, this was as close as i got to a shot of the new flimsy. the colors are washed out on the top (but the citrus tree looks great!). i'll aim for a more technically accurate photo once i have the quilt completed.

as anticipated, the addition of the large solid panels really calmed down the high energy of all those print strip sections. for the record, i chose the slightly deeper, less-flat blue. i'm liking the results just fine.

now i need to make three backing and baste some sandwiches!


  1. The important thing is that you got the top done. I look forward to the finished product...after the holidays. :)

  2. well now, that photo is a million times better than my effort of 10 minutes ago because it's a) light and b) in focus! And I love mumpty photos - they're cute. I have to say that, because all my photos are mumpty. Anyway, loving the quilt. Missing sewing and blogging, although having a pay cheque and getting to have a wee by myself during the day is good. I'm sending you a big summery hug from NZ, and a virtual box of chocolates, because your Christmas card still isn't in the post. I need a wife at home to organise these things instead of a husband :-)

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  4. you did it and it looks so so good :-) You are such an awesome mum getting all these quilts made for your kids. My piles of fabric are still piles of fabric! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas xx

  5. haha, it always seems like I have a dog or two trying to spoil my photoshoot. I think it's good luck ;) I really like how the orange and blue looks on this!


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