Tuesday, December 10, 2013

wish/to do list for 2014

i'm so good, i'm planning ahead for next year's quilting already. that was kind of a joke, the "i'm so good part", anyway. really, this is just me having way more to do than i can actually accomplish right now. i have 4 quilts at the top of my list to make.

first up, because it's a quilt-along for January, is sarah's awesome barn door quilt pattern. i started pulling some yellow/light green/browns for it (above). kind of floral and funky. i need to find more low-volumes, especially one like sarah's mini dot, and maybe another really dark brown for this. this pull is either totally awesome or really horrid. there is usually a fine line between the two for me.

i'm also going to get back to my spring house hst diamond quilt. i'm just making this up as i go, from my own whimsy. however, i have seen a few out there since i thought this up this summer. some patterns are just obvious, you know? so obvious lots of people design them independently of each other.

i did a big no-no a few weeks ago and bought a new pattern. this is bad of me because: 1) i already own dozens of patterns and books of patterns (not to mention all the great free stuff on the internet); 2) i have really been enjoying making up my own patterns or doing some simple improv lately; 3) the individual pattern was about half the price of a book, meaning it cost as much as i'd normally get 6 patterns for. but, dang it!, just look at how awesome this pattern is. meg really nailed it something fierce with the luminaries quilt.

i immediately thought of my anna maria horner/amy butler pile when i saw this pattern. upon closer inspection, i see she actually used AMH for her sample quilt, which means i'm not as brilliant or original as i thought. so this is one step closer to using up my stash. that, plus the sheer beauty of the design, justified the purchase for me.

meg made the quilt from scraps, so i have no illusions that this stack of fabric will disappear with this quilt. but that's good because i'd also like to use some of these in larger pieces that will feature them better. i had been considering a colorblock-type quilt before. maybe i can do a large colorblock backing and the luminaries on the front. two quilts in one. that sounds kind of exciting! oh, let's go start cutting! (refocusing myself back to what's on the table as i type. focus, hydee, focus! this must be where my boys get it from.)

penny patch 2.0 in teal and aqua blues/apple green/ greys/ fuschia pop.

of course, there is also the "leftover pennies" quilt to make, too. but i'm not itching to get to that just yet. it's a bit down the line.

honestly, if I can get these four quilts done, i'll be doing pretty darn good. this should take me through at least the first 6 months of the year and the fabriholics anonymous fast. see, I don't need to worry a bit about that fast! easy-peasy. let the new year and quilts begin!

I'm linking this in to Rebecca lynne's fabriholics anonymous wip/ufo link party.


  1. Yaaaay! I can't wait to see your barn door come together. The other projects look super cool too, but I'm a little biased. :)

  2. love your AMH/Amy Butler stock pile! I have some AMH I have been saving up too - thinking it may just become a straightforward patchwork quilt to show off all the fabrics.

  3. Sorry for the multiple comments today. Finally catching up on your projects. Loving it! :) I'm excited to see you are doing the barn door quilt-along. I am trying to figure out my fabrics right now! I love the new pattern you bought, it will look incredible with those anna maria horner and amy butler prints!! And I'm super excited about your penny patch 2.0. That floral pattern gets me excited every time I see it!

  4. I am not seeing anything about that pull that is not awesome. How do you have that big ol' piece of Sandi Henderson?! (That's what that brown is, right?) I am hoping to join in on Sarah's QAL too! Glad I will see you there too!

  5. This is such a beautiful list! I am in love...damn it...I can't add more to my list so I guess I am just going to have to enjoy your makes and leave it at that. Beautiful beautiful fabric...the lust continues!

  6. Love the fabrics you have gathered for the Luminaries quilt, especially like the fabric top by the pattern looks like an old English Dog Rose. Look forward to seeing the finished quilt during our fabric fast!


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