Wednesday, December 11, 2013

it's a boy

i've finally begun my first of two boy quilts for my sons. last year, i bought a jelly roll of "superstar" by riley blake with the intention of working up a simple grouped-strips-and-open-space-panels quilt. i made a pattern that i called "bandwidth" - i think the name originated from a garbled idea of those bars that dance up and down on the stereo when music's playing and radio bandwidths. this time last year, i really liked this idea. i wanted an easy, quick pattern i could knock out for the boy.

but this time this year, i wanted more than just the one fabric line and also didn't like so much my picks for the wide open spaces. i bought some different solids to audition for the panels and picked out some coordinating prints to compliment the jelly roll, which i culled.

i cut all the strips yesterday and began piecing them together. (it was night time when i was working, sorry for the lousy photos.) it's coming along quickly, but i'm not at all sure about how this is going to look. i think i have a train wreck going here. even with the addition of the new fabrics, i am mostly likely making one big pile of "that's really ugly but my mama made it, so i love it anyway." i just don't know, friends!

this is the first section of strips completed. i'm thinking of using either the flat navy blue or the stone grey for the panels. maybe. i'm so totally undecided.

and at this point, two weeks away from Christmas and with 2 flimsy and 2 USO's (un started objects) on my plate, i'm just in need of a quilt! what on earth do i do? press forward, with my eyes closed and fingers crossed. if he really doesn't like it, and i'll know by how much he uses it, i'll get him another one made in the next year or so. i'll likely make him another one before all is said and done anyway.

wish me luck!


  1. I think the colours look good together. I think I'd go bold and use the navy for a bit of drama. Keep going, it's looking promising :-)

  2. I think with the navy panels it will look great. You could split it even further so instead of long panels you have more squarish ones (eg. But that would take more time... I reckon he will love it :-)

  3. I vote navy too! I think the stripes will pop. And you're right - he'll love it because you made it.

  4. I love the navy as well. I'm sure your son is going to love it.

  5. I also vote for navy. :) I think it will look fantastic! Can't wait to see it all done! :)

  6. I think you're doing what I often do - using too many prints at one time. I wonder if you chose 5 of the ones you liked the best and used those regularly and then used the other prints as accents, whether it might tie together. I love the fabrics!


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