Saturday, December 14, 2013

"in hand" epp link party #3

how has your epp coming along, friends? have the holidays slowed you down? this is definitely the case for me. i'm currently trying to complete 7 different quilts (on the machine) by christmas, so handsewing time has been limited. thankfully, i do have a few hours in the car coming up that will be giving me time to revisit my epp. unless the mr makes me drive, of course. but he usually doesn't. i'm being forced to drop everything and run off to disneyland for 2 days with 6 teenage girls.

i got some sewing done at the dentist office, waiting for my 7 kids to have their check-ups and cleanings. a few volleyball games for my 11 year old daughter were the only other chances i got to epp this month. i think all i've managed since last month's party is a bit of basting and that partially finished block in the bottom left corner.

today i laid out all my blocks to see just where i stand. as you can see, i have one partially completed wheel, 10 wheels, 1 half wheel, and 2 - 3wheel sections. it's about time to make some rows, i think.

here are a few highlights from the party last month:

i've seen frances of fabadashery's nearly insane quilt blocks on and off for a while, but only recently realized they were epp! you really do need to stop by and take a gander at her beautiful, intricate, red and white blocks.

michelle, of michelle bartholomew handmade quilts, has possibly the largest epp pieces that i have seen to date. i believe she told me her triangles are 2.5" sides. she's made most of them out of old clothing she's repurposed into this really lovely star project, which she calls "shooting stars."

heidi, of red letter quilts, takes the prize for the longest-running epp project of the group. she's been making one of these flowers per year for 21 years now. what a scrapbook of your sewing over time!


  1. During this time of the year, it is very difficult to find some time to sit down and stitch. Enjoy your time at Disneyland. Hugs

  2. No progress this month but I should have something for next month! I plan to finish a few small Christmas present projects and then "close" my sewing room for the holidays. Which means when the sewing bug bites I'll be pulling out my EPP!

  3. :-). Thank goodness for the holidays. It will give me time to sit down and write you a great big catch up email! One week to go. Phew.

  4. Ha Ha, slow as a slug, right? well, #22 is complete now, so I have already increased my production rate..

  5. Thanks so much for featuring my project! :) I'm hoping to have something to post in the next few days... such a procrastinator :)

  6. Thanks for joining HeLP for Hexie-aholics! I have some fabric stashed away to make a Ferris Wheel project some day...

  7. I love all your epp projects. I've never visited your blog before, but I will definitely come back. Thanks for the linky party.

  8. dang it! I procrastinated too long on this. Christmas really snuck up on me this year. I promise to have a good update for the next one!


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