Wednesday, December 4, 2013

my next wips and some scrappy help

i've expanded my palette for s2's quilt beyond the jelly roll of riley blake's "superstar." i just wasn't feeling it with the one line so i found more blues, greys, brown, and oranges to add to the mix. this project is up next in the kids' quilts for Christmas line-up.

goodness, there's been a lot of orange popping up around here lately. just look:

this little pile is actually all from one line of fabric, heather bailey's  new lottie da, but that's not bothering me here. it's a pull for a very, very special quilt i promised someone 3 years ago and has now been called into service. it's a great story that i'll share soon.

as i've been pulling fabric and quilting away, i've had help from this little lady. doesn't she look like the most innocent being in the universe? oh, but she's busy! into absolutely everything, growing that brain of hers through hands-on knowledge construction. she keeps me on my toes constantly.

i will do most anything to buy a few minutes peace from her so when she asked to play in the scrap basket just after i'd organized it a bit, i happily said yes! historically, this lasts for about 3.2 minutes, but it was a few minutes i needed. besides, i love it when she plays with the fabric bits.

she got right ot work laying the scraps out just like i'd been doing with my penny patch blocks. i'm happy to say i believe she stayed engaged for a full 10 minutes this time before moving on to her next project. it's high time i finished my current wip and moved on, too!

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  1. she is so cute Hydee - makes me miss having little ones around my home.

  2. Great way to indoctrinate her into the world of quilting at a young age!

  3. Your picture of your daughter rummaging around in your scrap bucket is so cute! Reminds me of when my daughters were little! Thanks for the sweet memory :)

  4. Love the fabric picks. Your daughter is just precious.

  5. What a cutey lol and she shows good fabric matching skills too!

  6. Lovely fabrics! I especially like the butterfly/moth one...must add that to my wishlist. Your little girl is adorable! how old is she? I have a 21 month old, and she loves to play with my fabrics and scraps when I let her :-)

  7. Oh I just want to give her a great big kiss all the way from New Zealand!

  8. I love the photo of her laying out the scraps. So adorable! I'm digging all the orange you have going on. Such a fun pop of color.


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