Friday, July 5, 2013

the romance is through

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"romance in the garden" is officially done. after sitting through "life of pi" with two different sets of kids today while i hand bound, i put the last few stitches on the binding at twilight this evening and decided to go ahead and photograph it so as to squeeze it in the final moments of crazy mom's finish it up friday link.
i'm rather tired of photographing this particular quilt despite my love for it's fabrics. i'm in the "blah! seen enough of this for a bit" phase. i'm sure the love will return soon. it's heading to the family room. there are a handful of changes i'd make to this, given the chance. but it's done and ready for duty. i don't even feel like talking about it anymore at the moment.

my 14yo d#1 obliged me with holding up the quilt in the driveway. (i was not the least bit interested in styling on this one.) isn't it cute how her converse sneakers peek out under the bottom? when i told her she could put it down, she said, "wait! i want to do this first!" and took off running around the cul de sac with the quilt trailing behind her. looks like one of us had some interest in styling ideas, at least.


  1. It looks lovely and a great design too. This quilt will romance it's way back into your heart as you glance at it during your days for she sure is pretty! Your daughter seems to love it for you right now....
    Take a deep breath and a couple of days off before heading on with the next quilting project.

  2. Is it a quilt? Is it a blanket? No ... It's Super Romance!

  3. It's beautiful! That running shot is just brilliant!

  4. Love the quilt. I can understand getting to a point of just feeling Blah about a quilt. I'm sure your appreciation of the quilt will return once duty benefits you in your home. :)


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