Thursday, July 11, 2013

quilting sightings and stuff

since enjoying the success of this green pitcher as a thread catcher, i've acquired a bit more inexpensive pottery bits at marshall's to dress up and organize my sewing area: the other pot i am using for spools, the top-most yellow bowl is pieces for my machine, the leaf plate has my binding pincushion (i've been using it for a pincushion since i haven't made one yet) and various pins, there's a small flower bowl for floss, and the yellow bowl at the bottom is for any bits i need for whatever project i have on the machine at the time. form and function here, folks.

since it's summer, i've dug out my headbands and worn them a bit. i really wanted to wear one to dress up my striped tee the other day. somehow i convinced myself that the yellow and pink headband coordinated with the neon orange tee! can you believe it. not even close, is it? really, in my half-dark bathroom it looked similar. but with my hair covering most of the band, only that completely unmatching pink rose showed. i am strange on occasion, it's true. my kids would be right to challenge my fashion sense here.

quilt sightings:
 d#1 taking a sunday nap with the abbey lane diamond quilt.

d#2 curled up with "out on a limb" for a judy blume read. cozy!

those family room quilts are starting to see a lot of real use. hurray! the kids finally seem to realize they're there and for their use.


  1. It's very satisfying to see our quilts being used in everyday life isn't it. I love seeing mine on beds and around the living rooms draped around shoulders, turned into indoor picnics, snuggled up in at any time.
    I also use a pitcher/jug fro my threads and scraps. I bought a white one on clearance special thinking of water or flowers but it is the perfect hiding place for all those little scrap pieces, even paper, which end up lying around. So easy to empty too.

    Your green leaf dish is gorgeous!

  2. A well used quilt always make me smile:)

  3. How fun, I love quilts in action. Love the multi use of the pottery, very clever. Might have to find me some bits like that.


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