Wednesday, July 3, 2013


staycation is over, juki is covered up for a bit. my sewing corner abandoned, projects slung about. i didn't get all 4 quilts finished i'd hoped to, but there were also some surprises thrown in there that were fun anyway. here's the recap of what i got done in the 2 weeks of quilt-a-thon staycation.

1.  "romance in the garden" (above on chair) is fully quilted and being bound

2. that paris nightmare turned into "paris daydreams" and is waiting for a back & sandwich

3. the "not quilt" baby quilt is complete, right down to a washing. just needs delivery in the next few days.

4. "3 across" panel baby quilt for the new neighbors was delivered yesterday, washed, beribboned and all. the little miss it is intended for is expected/scheduled to arrive friday!

5. "plus a diamond" got quilted & trimmed. binding forthcoming. you didn't even know i touched this one, did you? i never said. more on her later.

i suppose that's pretty good for me for 2 weeks work. i'm still a bit sad i didn't get "twirl" fixed or "taite" quilted. really, "taite" was the most important project, but the others all led up to it in one way or another and time just ran out. almost there!

tackling the portable epp front next. join me, liz, and everyone else, will you? (according to liz, that constitutes major arm twisting from me - so join us!)

linking in to lee's "wip wednesday" at freshly pieced.


  1. Oh, I am loving that "plus a diamond"! Look forward to hearing more about it. Looks like you got a lot finished up in your staycation time.

  2. That's LOTS! A big gold star for you :-)
    EPPing commencing shortly.

  3. very impressive work! A+ for your report!

  4. i would say you accomplished a lot considering it is summer!! All of your projects are beautiful! What are you doing for your EPP. I have a project sitting collecting dust as my hand projects seem to have gone by the wayside!


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