Monday, July 8, 2013

epp to go kit

baby cuddles and a quilt read - perfect
for a few weeks i have been closely studying the new book quilting on the go by jessica alexandrakis. and i do mean studying it. this is a book chock full of information that has to be digested carefully and slowly. at least for me. it's a brand new technique, this english paper piecing, so it's requiring a lot of brain wiring to get started.

epp appeals to me because: 1) it's portable, 2) it's handsewing. i like the idea of a long-term project that i can work on slowly, in bits and pieces, over time and that can be taken all over the place with me. this means when i'm at the park with the kids, at practices, on an airplane, in the car. whatever. i can quilt! and i can make an entire quilt by hand. that is so cool! who does that anymore? apparently the epp crowd does.

photo sidetrack - is she cute or what?

this new technique also required a few new supplies like a travel sewing kit so i can take my epp anywhere. jessica recommends a case small enough to slip in your purse or bag, but i found something else i'm going to try out first.

a few weeks ago, while rummaging in some boxes still not unpacked since we recarpeted last january, i spied my ancient "cropper hopper" scrapbook box. it was once upon a time used to carry scrapbook supplies around to classes or crops. i can't even remember the last time i scrapbooked anywhere but my own home. so i emptied all the pens and few tools out to make room for my epp kit. it's approximately 9"x11"x3". and it holds a ton of gear! i also like that it has that nice flat surface for me to work on.

this is the top side. it has some handy little dividers that i can move around to accommodate supplies. so far, i've got quilting pins, some bobbins, needles, a smaller case that holds tiny parts more securely, paper clips, thread assortment, marking tools, snips.

the little case has some filled bobbins and a few thimbles in it. there are needles tucked under the case in this compartment.

on the back side is a shallow compartment that was meant to hold scrapbook paper or pages. i've put my book and a mini cutting mat with rulers in it. only problem is the cutting mat is about 5/8" too long to fit, so i'm considering cutting it down to fit the box. or i might just put all my piecing templates in the back instead. undecided.

i have this huge cone of thread that i've decided i do not like machine sewing with that i'm going to use for basting thread. but the darn bottom is too thick for the box. so i'm going to wind it up on all these extra bobbins from my singer days.

i haven't actually tried taking the kit anywhere yet, so i'm sure there will be some adjustments made to content. but for now, i'm ready to roll with the epp.


  1. Wow, you really are organised....perhaps over organised...EPP can be so simple, especially if doing hexagons. May I suggest you have a mini kit also which is more portable. Just a sandwich size ziplock bag with a bobbin of thread, one needle and one pin, a small pair of scissors along with some cut fabric pieces and papers (I've always cut my own from copy paper) will keep you going for those day trips away.

  2. I hope you really enjoy your EPP, whatever project you choose to work on. I find it easier to cut my fabric at home on a table. I mentioned a zip lock bag above - a small sandwich container works well too. Looking forward to seeing your work. Love your long thick hair and baby cuddles are the best aren't they.

  3. I have just been studying that book too and put together a little EPP kit for while I am travelling. So far I have managed to make a few hexies and am loving it :-) Hope you enjoy xx

  4. Great idea to use something you had! Welcome to the EPP side! It is so fun, you'll love the change of pace. You don't need a mat really, I cut all the paper and then roughly cut the fabric to shape or use scraps. Isn't her book so inspiring?! :)

  5. Goodness how so wonderfully organised for a big trip. I love how sleeping babies just flop comfortably where ever! I wish :-)

  6. that first picture is adorable! Thanks for posting about the book, how's EPP going for you?


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