Thursday, July 4, 2013

give me liberty! and the lucy giveaway

happy Independence Day, all! wherever in the world you are, i hope you are celebrating your own liberty today. while i am grateful my forefathers had the inspiration and fortitude to cut the apron strings with the mother country, i still adore mother england. i'm glad we've mended relations and co-exist in extended familial harmony whilst respecting each other's uniqueness and fine qualities.

one of my favorite recent finds from england is the charming lucy. right up there with lucy-angel (as i have dubbed her - hope she likes it!) is english liberty. the kind that comes from london. as fabric. you know: liberty of london!

my fabric obsessed brain modified this local cafe sign when i saw it

i was first introduced to liberty of london through my favorite local variety chain store, target. (i can find just about everything little i need at target. and that red card with 5% off!) target is an odd place to happen upon some liberty, but target periodically does special batches of limited edition designer collections. last christmas it was neiman marcus, for example. a few years ago i noticed this display of colorful and fun floral summer items for girls. i picked up a sun dress and a baby romper with sun hat. if i'd only known the absolute steal those items were compared to "real" liberty fabrics, i would have bought loads more just to cut up. as it was, i liked the rather funky fabrics i got that reminded me of something right out of my 70's childhood. (sadly, i haven't been able to locate the baby romper to photograph! it's just darling with layers of ruffles in ultra-bright liberty florals. this means i'm going to have to dig through the clothing boxes a little more closely and do some editing, i'm sure.)

a while after i got the summer clothing items, i looked up this liberty of london on line to figure out what the big deal was. anyone else remember their introduction to liberty? love at first sight, falling fast and hard, is the normal response, i think. i even considered paying the ridiculous prices for yardage and international shipping just to get my grubby sewing paws on some. but i resisted.

fortunately, there are now american distributors. and in march i got my first bits at purl soho while on my anniversary trip to nyc. i did not ask for anything at tiffany's when we browsed, but i did get some liberty! my tana lawn classics have their own special basket (with my other purl selections) on my sewing shelves, waiting for me to decide how to best spend them.

if you're looking for some, the etsy shop "half baked buttons" has a nice selection of slightly reduced classic tana lawns. and the more affordably priced liberty "stile" collection is all over the place. like at

last month i saw a free tote and pouch class on that featured liberty's "stile" collection. i'm not sure i'll be making a pouch out of it, but i did order the kit just for the fabrics.

this last week i finally delegated some of my sewing budget to some stile yardage at it should arrive any day now and the daydreaming can start! epp seems to be a popular destination for liberty. i'll consider it.

there is also published inspiration for your stash of liberty. my love of books was established well before my general fabric crush, so discovering some books about liberty fabrics was doubling pleasing. i purchased both the liberty love book by alexia marcelle abegg and the liberty book of home sewing, made by the company itself.
liberty love, i love! enough yummy projects to justify keeping.

while the liberty book of home sewing had an extensive history and print identification guide in it, which made it quite attractive, i did not love it enough to keep. the apron on the cover was about the only project i was interested in making. so, uncharacteristically, i returned the book.

some of my favorite classic tana lawn prints:

poppy and daisy
to come full circle on this list of liberty and english things i love - independence day, england, lucy, liberty of london, books - they all equal up to a giveaway i've had brewing in my brain for a few weeks. lucy-angel recently did me a very purposeful act of kindness, which i am going to honor with a pay-it-forward type of giveaway.
i'm offering a copy of the liberty love book to one lucky commenter. if you know it, please share with me your favorite liberty print. or a project you've made with some liberty. or anything liberty related at all!
mitsi in pink

the one i'm loving the most right now is "mitsi"(above) in the spring green color. (i found it all by myself,  liz! on etsy.)

giveaway closes next thursday, july 11th. if you are a no-reply commenter, you must include your email address in the comment or i will have to pick another winner.

happy Indepenence Day!
liberty for all!

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  1. I haven't indulged in Liberty because of the price, but I love looking at them on the web! My current favorite is the Tana Lawn Pick and Mix. Thanks for the giveaway and for your inspiring blog. And Happy Independence Day!

  2. I'm all, sssshhhhh, don't tell everyone that has Stile! For favorites, I'm torn between the Bloomsbury Gardens Lytton print (on the left of the ones you bought for your pouch/tote) and the Tana Lawn Wiltshire. (I have grand plans for that one.)

    J Crew often has Liberty things. They are exorbitantly priced, but if you wait them out, you can find them on clearance and do one of their extra-30%-off-clearance dealies. I have gotten a pair of Liberty shorts and a Tana Lawn shirt from them, and they are my two favorite clothing items.

    (My husband seems pleased when I tell him I'd rather have Liberty than diamonds, ha!)

  3. You must visit Ali at - she has a great blog and sells liberty fabrics too!

  4. The Liberty of London fabrics are wonderful!

  5. Love the green mitzi - haven't seen that before. Uh oh, I can hear my wallet whimpering from here ...
    Now where did this post sneak up from? I haven't noticed it all day. It must be my sleep deprived and work addled brain :-)

  6. Can I enter? ;)
    I love Liberty and I love this post! Great that you can get some in the US, it's such beautiful fabric.
    I have little bits saved up for EPP and want to use some FQs I got last year in a quilt I've been meaning to make for ages!
    Oh and to prove I am actually an angel if this number comes up draw again!

  7. I really love Wiltshire in red! It's really lovely:D currently also loving tatum (in pink? Or red? Lol i dont even know which version it is that I like since I just saw the picture:p)

  8. I'm new to Liberty having just bought a mini bundle the other week, but now I've got that I want more! I love the Mitsi print, Becci, Capel (turquoise), Penny (dark blue)....I could go on!! Halfway through my first project at the moment making stars for a cushion, can't wait to finish it now :)

  9. Please don't choose me for the giveaway as I have already been lucky enough to win a wonderful giveaway from you, but I needed to comment just to share your love of Liberty of London with you :-)


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