Thursday, June 27, 2013

day off

 i was taking a quick no-calorie, summery gift (sparkly lip gloss!) to a friend while visiting teaching her this morning and decided to spruce it up with some sewing scraps. that little bow out of a bit of a fabric string made a nice touch that seemed to say, "i took a moment to make this a bit more special for you" rather than just delivering it undressed. if she was a sewer, of course i would have taken her some lollies.

 while the cat was away, the mice . . . baked. my oldest son is an adept in the kitchen and will whip up treats, with his own modifications, on a whim. his cousin was here and i can now tell my sister they didn't play the wii all day long, but did something constructive, too. miette, by the way has the most divine chocolate cake recipe ever. son said he adapted it to make it bake more quickly but did not elaborate how. oh, yes, and was out of some ingredient or other. but they were still yummy.

my wrist was hurting a tad this morning and the mr., who knows these things, said, yes, you can give yourself carpal tunnel or at least damage yourself in a week's time, so i laid off the sewing for the day. (maybe tonight?) i still got some quilt time in by curling up under the almost finished "romance in the garden" (binding sewn on one side, just needs tacking down!) with some new quilt books.

then i napped.
so the staycation is still being enjoyed.

and to be honest, i think it might be the computer, not so much the sewing that's got me achy. i need to work on my posturing all the way around at both these activities.

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  1. you absolutely CAN injure your wrist quilting. I gave myself DeQuervain's Tendonitis. I did it with too much rotary cutting (I stacked up too much denim at once). I spent over a year with an orthopaedist trying cortizone injections, anti-inflammatory meds, wearing a brace and NO quilting at all, and I still ended up having to have surgery to fix it. The surgery was last May and I finally got back to my machine in January after a two year hiatus. So, definitely take it easy and enjoy your staycation!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  2. yummy looking cakes and I agree that bow is the perfect little touch! Lipgloss is such a great gift too!

  3. A son that bakes oh that would be heavenly! Maybe I will get lucky and my 5 yr old son will do that when he gets older! hehehe

    The pic of you on the couch sounds like a FABULOUS idea!! I may have to try it out;)

    Hope your wrist feels normal soon. I had that problem yesterday for some reason or another and now today it is fine.

  4. I love the idea of laying on the couch with a quilt over me! Unfortunately, it was 99 degrees here today! But thanks for the virtual idea anyway -and with a quilting book, too! Hope your wrist is better soon.


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