Tuesday, June 18, 2013

before i quilted #2

this is a quilt i bought at walmart for around $50, early in our marriage. it's a generic, big box store quilt, not particularly high in quality. i purchased it well before i had any clue about the difference in handmade quality and generic store-bought quilts. before i knew how to quilt. i just loved the colors and fabrics in it and wanted a homey-looking quilt for our house.

i can no longer remeber if my husband and i used it on our own bed for a time, but when i found out we were having a boy and a girl rather than two girls as i'd hoped, and those two children would be sharing the one bedroom we had for them in our small home, i decided this quilt was a perfect gender-neutral mix of colors.

it's full sized and went on the bed our little daughter used for a few years. we eventually bought a new house and the kids got new quilts. this became one that was used whenever and wherever needed.

if you look at the two preceding photos, you can see the secondary pattern made with the blocks. i don't know what the pattern's name is, but i like it.

even though it's worn now, and some of the seams are coming apart, and i "know better" concerning the quality of a store-bought quilt, and it's not made from any special designer fabrics, i still love this quilt. it's pretty traditional, the fabrics being nothing i would likely add to my stash today.

but it's part of our history, part of our family's story, and that makes it special enough. my children that remember it from their early childhoods are attatched to it, too. probably none of the future generations will value it, which is just fine. it's been used and loved while it was here with us.

that's it's value.

***this post is part of a series i'm writing on quilts i knew and loved before i quilted, which inspired me to want to learn to quilt.

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