Monday, June 17, 2013

the charm about her

i got mail!
straight from the queen - or an angel
i've been blogging about my sewing adventures for 3 years. but it wasn't until the last few months that i started posting more regularly and became connected to the larger blogging quilty community. the key to making connections was joining link parties. i used to visit them before, but i hadn't ever participated. i'm not even sure what made me decide to do it. joining link parties has been a revelation about the kindness and connectivity that goes on in blogland.

a few weeks ago, i linked in with lucy at "a charm about you" because i liked the name of her blog. (that's usually how i decide who to visit: a catchy name or something about the picture attracts/intrigues me. wish i could visit everyone, but i can't. sorry.) while there, in one of her quilts, i spied some of my very most favorite fabric ever: the out-of-print, impossible-to-find meadow dot in mint (or robins egg?)  from the meadowsweet2 collection by sandi henderson for michael miller fabrics. i can still find meadow dot in the other lovely colorways it was printed in, but not in mint.

 i used this fabric in my first ever quilt, "at last", as well as in two different 4sq blankets. one of our little felt mice friends wears it, too. i hear that after working with a fabric a couple of times, you get sick of it. i am not. in fact, i am craving more minty meadow dot quite badly. ***

so i left lucy a mention of it in my comment on her post about how she needed to stop starting because she had too much going on already in her wip pile:

"stop starting?! but why would you ever. =) it's what we quilters do best.

ps - I am all out of that fantastic sandi Henderson meadowsweet dot in mint. (middle left photo) I would pay a fortune for any you had to spare. it's my most favorite ever and I can't find it anymore for the life of me. about choked when I saw it!"

lucy, the darling, emailed me that she did have some and would be happy to share, since it was my favorite and all. and she'd noticed on my blog that i was crushing on the newest mollie makes mag with the betty dolls on the cover. she had a copy, wasn't going to be making the dolls, and would just throw that in, too. oh, the kindness of strangers. i was floored and beyond excited to have found some meadow dots.

i've been on pins and needles waiting for the package to arrive. finally, this last weekend it did. lucy had even dressed up the envelope in some cute washi tapes. i'd told my kids about this special something that was coming all the way from england. when the package arrived, they gathered around to ooh and ahh with me. my 7 year old niece, who was visiting, saw the "royal mail" stamp and said, "it's from the queen?!" close, but more like from a british angel named lucy.
 and here it is. almost a complete half yard of meadow dots (more than i had hoped for!!!), a spanking new issue of molly makes to lounge with, and a sweet card included, inviting me to sit down with some tea and dream up a new project.

i have been so touched by this kindness of lucy's. i can no longer consider her a stranger even though we may never meet in person. in honor of lucy i'll be offering a giveaway on my blog. however, i'm not going to do it until next week when my my current giveaway will be closed out. so if you are interested, check back in next week to see the lucy giveaway.

again, a million thanks, lucy!

lucy, by the way, is quite an active quilter, sewer, and blogger, to be found far and wide all over blogland. how she finds time is beyond me. check out her blog, "a charm about you" for all sorts of goodies and inspiration, as well as a current giveaway.

***anyone else have any minty meadow dot? i'd be happy to pay, even for some scraps. please contact me if you do. i need it!


  1. That is so sweet of Lucy! I think quilt people are THE BEST PEOPLE, and I am not even kidding. It's hard to stay strangers long when there are quilts and fabrics in common.

    (and I don't have any, the minty dot came out just slightly before I started building my stash. Go fish! Hope you find more. :) )

  2. I got a couple of pieces of that fabric in a scrap pack at a local shop that makes applique t-shirts. I absolutely love it too! (but I used my few pieces in my Coins on the Sidewalk quilt). What a sweet gesture from Lucy!

    -Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  3. This post made me smile :-). I have made more friends online in the last month or so than I have in years (and you're top of the list, of course!). Isn't Lucy lovely!

  4. So glad you got it and so cute the girls thought it was from the queen! :)

  5. I was so hoping someone would have some of that fabric for you! What a heartwarming, and as my hubby would say, 'squishy' story :-)

  6. Lovely fabric. Sorry I can't help you with getting your hands on more though.


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