Monday, April 21, 2014

easter deliveries

 mid-week last week we made a trip to mesa for the world's largest outdoor easter pageant. it's free with open seating, so getting there hours in advance is a must. i was the official seat holder. my quilts and i, that is. while everyone else wandered around the beautiful grounds or went to the visitor's center, i sat with my quilts spread out along the chairs and worked on basting "twirly." i've got more than 1/3 of her done now.

 last year, i was able to complete "out on a limb" during this seat holding time and got to photograph it completed in the gardens of the temple. no such luck this time. but that's okay. i was not the only one using quilts to hold seats. if you look past me, the grandmother down the row from me had several folded quilts she'd brought along, too. it's a good choice because it usually gets chilly once the sun drops. this year, however, with easter being so late, it didn't get cold at all. but quilts also make good seat cushions to compensate for those hard metal folding chairs. so no loss there, either.

 on easter sunday, after wonderfully inspiring services at church, i ran my friend venessa's church auction replacement/commissioned baby quilt over to her and the new little darling that had arrived on wednesday. just like the quilt d2 made for the auction, this one was a simple 4sq quilt composed of 4 fat quarters of "nicey jane" prints from heather bailey.

 there were two small changes to this edition of the auction quilt: i used green polka dot flannel as the backing and the "slim dandy" stripe for binding. i love, love, love this stripe as a binding! that little pop of red gives it some nice sophistication.

 i still have plenty of each of these prints so i'm going to have to whip up something for myself out of them soon. well, after the dozen other things i've got going of course.

later in the afternoon, thanks to family get-togethers, i was able to deliver not one but two other baby quilts that have been needing to get to their new owners. i dropped off "rain or shine" at my aunt lynn's house for her grandbaby elizabeth (no photos) and i handed over "way out weston" to the newest carpenter family cousin.

 at nearly two months old, little weston is pretty strong for his age. it took him a moment, but he got his head right up for some shots on his new blankie. just look at him:

i think all those bright colors and busy patterns are going to keep him plenty interested! wow, that feels great to get those done and delivered. now on to the 43 other projects i have going. (maybe it's just around two dozen now, but who's counting?)


  1. What a little cutie! And look at all those finishes. You must be proud ;-)

  2. way to go Hydee. You are awesome :-)

  3. He's a cutie! Way to use your time wisely.

  4. Awwww, the baby really stole the show. The quilts do look great also.

  5. Oh, it would have been so awesome to get pictures of another quilt in the temple garden! And I agree, Weston stole the show! Love what I can see of the quilts!

  6. Oh my goodness! That little baby is such a cutie!!! Love seeing all your quilts and learning something new (Easter pageant?).


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