Wednesday, April 2, 2014

triangle along pull - updated

***i'm updating my fabric pull for the triangle along. after looking at #trianglequilt on instagram, and marking all the ones i liked, i realized i really like mostly solid quilts best. and after playing around with the modern solids ii pieces that i got from cuts of cotton, i decided to get some more solids/near solid basics for the triangle quilt.

(bye-bye fabric fast and it's only the 2nd!) i love the way they look on the order screen. i've kept this screen open just so i can go back and look at them again. something about the way they look in all that white makes me happy. when i made the collage, they look a lot more color dense. that's something to keep in mind when making the quilt, i guess. now all I have to do is wait for them to arrive. these will form the base of my quilt and i'll use all the lovely prints mixed in here and there. maybe just one or two of each print. i'm gonna have a lot of leftovers!

perhaps i'll do a double-sided quilt with strips of all these luscious prints on the back.

i've wanted to do a triangle quilt, and paula's quilt along is the perfect opportunity. however, now that i have dug out my pull, made last month, it's looking something like a train wreck and i'm unsure of myself. there will need to be some culling done here. i really like all the triangle graphics out there in solids with pops of colors on more low-volume backgrounds. this looks nothing like that! maybe once i start cutting and placing, i'll get some inspiration?

linking up with paula's selection party for the triangle along.

The Sassy Quilter


  1. I would totally join in with this if I had time right now, I'm itching to do a triangle quilt! I think you should look at that picture in black and white and pick out the darkest and lightest prints. There's some gorgeous ones and I really love the combination of colours! I agree about less fussy and more contrast, I think fewer fabrics would be a good thing. Have fun choosing!

  2. Not sure about the large prints in there as the majority is small and subtle but you'll see once you cut in :-) See ya!

  3. I like your fabric pull a lot but if it was me I would add some more low volume.

  4. You have a great pull many great fabrics! I see a lot of green, what if if was all green and scrappy with a few melon pops! Scrappy in general looks great too and adding some solids can give your eye some rest, but really don't think you can go wrong. So glad you are joining in:)

  5. A triangle quilt sounds great - can't wait to see it get underway. Those fabrics are lovely. xCathy


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