Saturday, April 12, 2014

"in hand" epp link party #7

welcome to april's "in hand" epp link party. i'm looking forward to seeing what everyone has been up to the past month. i've done a bit of work on my wheels, but nothing to show really. the last time i pulled one out on a plane, i started talking to the gentleman who sat next to me and was also stitching (on canvas), so i didn't end up making much but had a great conversation. maybe my travels this month will yield better results.

there were so many great, unique projects last month that narrowing down three to highlight was a nailbiter! here's what i settled on:

karen at pieces of contentment has a new hexi project going in lovely, calm shades of blues and greens. she has created a wonderful, mini on-the-go kit to get her hexies basted. i always enjoy working tips like this. thank you, karen, for the idea.

paula at mud, pies, and pins has been going free-form and creating her own epp shapes to form a variety of stunning butterflies. if you didn't get to see her work, do check it out! you will be amazed.

and one of my very favorite epp projects out there, the rose star quilt by lucy of charm about you (one of my very favorite people). she was adding one more row of stars and then on to the border. i just can't wait to see this one finished up! golly, it's gorgeous.


  1. I do my hexies just regular hand piecing not EPP - there are so many wonderful hexie projects out in blog land

  2. It never ceases to amaze me how many fellow crafters you can meet when travelling. I regularly plan on getting work done on my bi-weekly commutes to work and then find myelf chatting to fellow craters instead.

  3. Chatting with fellow crafters is always fun, especially if they're passionate about whatever craft they do. Thanks for hosting again this month.

  4. the rose star quilt draws me in every time - one day I will make one!! Thanks for hosting again Hydee - I was excited to be able to link up this month :-)

  5. Not doing any EPP, but do love seeing what everyone is up too:) That rose star is absolutely stunning! and the butterfly is so creative...fabulous work!


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