Sunday, March 30, 2014

it's a boy! again!

 my 2nd finish in forever, right on the heels of the first one earlier this week - another baby boy quilt. "way out weston" is complete. i can't say it's my favorite finish, but i can say it's done. some of the fabrics in here i like a lot and others i . . . don't. it's that simple. my own two boys held up the quilt for my finish photo, but not without some boy silliness and dog photo bombing.

 this is a little better, even with the chihuahuas in the background. while he was assisting me, he was examining my quilting, and s1 remarked, "uh, why is this line so wiggly?" i told him it was because i did wavy lines this time instead of straight. "oh, good! because if it was supposed to be straight, well . . . it's not." after i had such difficulty with the straightline quilting on this little fella, i went ahead and added in more purposefully organic lines to make it look like they were all supposed to be wavy.

i alternated a light tan and a baby blue aurofil thread. unfortunately, they are so light you can't really tell the difference without looking closely. and even then, it's iffy.

the nutty quilting was only one of the issues i've had with this quilt. in the end, the colors don't look as balanced because of what i had to cut off the left side when the backing turned out too short. it's bugging me that there isn't another dark blue strip on the far left.

enough of the nitpicking, though. it's done and ready for baby weston, who is about a month old now. this is one time where i really hope what everyone always says about non-quilters not noticing flaws they way we do is true.

i gave machine binding another go with this quilt. it was an improvement over my first/previous attempt. i just did a straight stitch with juki this time. it's alright but i still need to get a better grip on the construction and measurements behind a good machine binding.

i do think the michael miller textured basics stripe in orange made a nice frame for this quilt.

"way out weston" over and out.


  1. I like the combo collor with soft orange and blue. It is done and ready to warm a baby. Well done! Hugs

  2. The fabric combo is great and the orange binding is perfect. :-)

  3. I like it! I like the boy-ness of it. Which is the weirdest way to describe it, but it's the only word in my head :-). It's got a masculine feel without being brown and black and manly. It's a boy quilt! A perfect boy quilt. And I'm sure it will be well and truly welcomed in it's new home. (And I absolutely promise that non quilters will not notice wonky lines, "unbalanced" colour, or even fabulous thread choices. They will see a gift made with love thatbis perfect for their little person. So that's exactly as it should be :-d)
    E xx

  4. I am so into orange binding at the moment, and that backing is brilliant too. Yay - another baby quilt done :-)

  5. This finish is so fun, I love all your fabric selections! Congrats on another sweet finish!

  6. Great finish! It's funny how kids can pick out the one feature you may have been hoping to hide and bring it to everyone's attention. Oh, the joys of children. I think the balance of the quilt is have plenty of dark blue in the backing of the quilt. I'm sure it will be well loved.

  7. I think it looks great! That orange binding really sets it off nicely. Congrats on another finish.

  8. I wouldn't worry about whatever flaws you can see- it's one of the nicest boy quilts I've seen in ages :D


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