Wednesday, March 19, 2014

don't wear corduroy

i've had a few moments for sewing amidst all the kid project support. i finally got around to piecing the backing for "penny patch"! as much as i like seeing it on the floor, i'd actually like to snuggle up in it, too. i tried a new technique i have used once before - i included the selvage in the backing pieces. this worked brilliantly the first time i did it with "paris daydreams" but not so well here simply because the print was too close to the edge of these free spirit fabrics.

they got eaten up in the already scant seam allowance. i am one of those sewers who loves a pretty selvage. therefore, i wanted to preserve the information and art work of the selvage in the final quilt. but it looks like free spirit fabrics are not a good option for that. however, i do have a completed backing now.

unfortunately, i sewed a seam which extended the entire length of the quilt before i realized the tension was a mess. ugh. talk about unpicking for-ever.

just look how long it goes - on and on - the complete left side of this piece was all sewn in that nasty, loopy mess. however, the good news is the loops were so big that i could simply snip at the large loops on the backside of the piece.

then, as i resewed the seam, i just brushed the little thread snips out of the way before i sewed.

this worked pretty well although i did not take into account that i was wearing corduroy pants at the time, which meant most of the thread snips stuck to my pants as they fell into my lap. that is just par for the sewing course around here, though. yet another learning note to self: don't wear corduroy when you plan to sew.
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  1. oh, the tension! Been there, done that. Happy ripping!

  2. I wear black a LOT of the time and am pretty much always covered in threads whilst sewing. #quilterproblems! :) I love a good selvage too and never thought of leaving them exposed in the backing... I usually snip them off and add them to the selvage hoarde!

  3. ha ha - I can't count the number of times I've been out running errands & glanced down to find myself covered in thread. One glance at me & you'll know 2 things - I sew & I like cats.

  4. Sorry to hear about all that seam ripping! You were like a walking lint roller with those cords. If it isn't threads it's cat fur around here. No winning. haha

  5. It's a good way of collecting threads though! At least they're all in one place at the end!

  6. I sew before work and I'm always covered in bit of thread!

  7. grrrr -- growling on your behalf (-:

  8. Usually for me it's that I've run out of bobbin thread and I don't notice until I've merrily sewn a long seam thinking I was moving right along - lOl. I'm going to try that trick about the selvage the next time I have big ones. Thanks for sharing!


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